It’s just a chuppa chupp…

It’s hard to believe that something as little as a chuppa chupp can cause such a massive melt down by a toddler. The mere sight of them cause a whole physical body transformation in my toddler – he either jiggles with absolute delight if he can somehow score one or he wriggles, back arches and then lets all muscles loosen so he’s a sack of potatoes if I don’t allow him one. So. Not. Fun!!

The latter was of course my toddler… right before swimming lessons this morning. And then, during swimming lessons. Challenging (frustrating) comes into play yet again! Tempting as it was to let him throw his tantrum in the pool, it wasn’t quite practical!

The melt down didn’t go unnoticed and neither did the tense look on my face… The instructor even made note of this (oh dear, I must have looked mad!!). When she asked what the issue was I told her it was all because he wanted a chuppa chupp (that he sees every Tuesday morning on the counter in the office that I have to walk into to get his name marked off!!). Her response was “He’s being a real toddler”.

Oh so true and such a wonderful reminder that he is a toddler and this is perfectly normal. It really hit home how unnecessary my frustration was – he’s a toddler and this will happen. Those five words perked me up like there was no tomorrow – so thank you to my lovely swimming instructor for the blunt truth that I needed on this Tuesday morning.

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