Pretty painting and mud cakes!

I dropped the little mister off at daycare the other week and before I had a chance to kiss and cuddle him to say goodbye he had sat down at a table that had some paint, paper and a potato masher on it. He was straight into it! I thought what a clever, EASY idea so decided to give it a go today and also looked for other household items that might make nice paint brushes so ended up with a dish brush and a whisk.

I stuck some paper down to their little outdoor table and got the paints set up then let both go a little wild.

The dish brush was a little old and the bristles squashed so the effect wasn’t as spectacular as I had imagined but the masher one was pretty cool! The whisk didn’t really work, but ah well!!

So while they were already in need of a wash, what better timing than now to make some mud cakes!

I shouldn’t lie – I didn’t actually initiate this one… It would have happened whether they were already dirty or not – my little chef is obsessed with baking these cakes!

His kitchen is a mess, but that’s always a sign of a good chef right?

I have some paper / drawing crafts for the next instalment – so stay tuned, they aren’t messy at all!!

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