Busy bag swap – my magnetic rainbow

I couldn’t wait to tackle this activity after the boys had gone to bed as I was so keen to see if Mr almost-3 would a) get excited and enjoy the new activity awaiting him and b) actually know how to do it – or at least learn how to.

So a friend had read about a busy-bag swap and asked a bunch of us if we were interested in participating. I had never heard of it but after googling and Pinterest-ing I soon discovered how awesome it looked and as I am always keen for a crafty challenge, this was right up my alley!

I searched around and finally decided I wanted to make a magnetic rainbow pom pom sorting activity. The aim (apart from having fun with little felt pom poms that are magnetic!) is to sort the coloured pom poms onto the matching colour in the rainbow.

What you’ll need:
A rainbow template – I got mine here
A colour printer
A laminator (though not essential but will make it a lot easier to do the activity)
Coloured felt pom poms (they need to be fairly sturdy pom poms – more on this below)
Magnets (I bought little round discs that are 8mm)
A hot glue gun (I guess super glue would work too – but I already have a hot glue gun…)
A cookie tray (to put under the template as the other magnetic item)

So, it’s as easy as printing the template, laminating it; gluing the magnets to the pom poms and having FUN – EASY!

So I set up my bench with my cookie tray, all my little magnets attached to the tray a few cms apart, my hot glue gun and my pom poms.


I glued and stuck and I was done… Or so I thought! Some of the pom poms I bought (I had a few different brands) were a really soft felt and so when I picked up the pom pom it actually pulled off the magnet… The others I had were a tight ball and sturdy so grabbing the pom pom picked up the whole thing without pulling away from the magnet at all. So I will get some more of them but in the mean time in have a few (check out the green ones in the pic below) that look like those old troll dolls! which makes them kinda cool and they’re perfectly usable!

My little guy couldn’t wait to get sorting and LOVED IT! It was way easier for him than I expected but still kept him occupied for a good 10 minutes and he was pretty chuffed with his efforts!




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