Let’s talk Mobilo



But before we do, let’s talk Lego… I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a child that has a tub of Lego and that tub gets emptied all over the place in one quick swish but unless I pick up every single piece myself it never gets put away in one quick swish. The floor has an uncanny ability to hide the Lego pieces so that your feet can find them for you… Yep we’ve all been there with Lego – they can be fun for the kids to explore and use their imagination every so often (and perhaps there are way more than I know that actually spend hours on end playing and creating and getting the absolute most out of it), but in my experience it is more fun for my kids when they empty the tub and see the strewn mess before finding something else to do or play with…

This is true too (for my kids) with mega blocks and duplo. They definitely do have their place in a home but they just don’t enthral them.

So, when I saw my son playing (and I use that term loosely – I really mean getting stuck in and creating whole pieces and becoming absolutely mesmerised with the intricacy of the clicking pieces and items he was creating) with this thing called mobilo it piqued my attention a little. It was at a trial run of a 3 year old kindy he’s starting and I didn’t think much more of it as I was more interested in assessing the kindy. But the very next day at daycare I happened to pick him up right as they had pulled out their tub of mobilo and he was completely and totally absorbed. The educator asked if he’d played with it before and I said I think it was the stuff he played with yesterday for the first time. She said he was amazingly talented at it and assumed he’d had plenty of practice. He was absolutely loving it and for the first time in a year of attending daycare he didn’t want to come home. He wanted to finish playing. I knew this mobilo had to be a pretty special toy. So I arranged to get some for his 3rd birthday and got it here – the absolute best price and free delivery – absolute bargain. So if you’re after some, check it out.

So it’s not a new thing – it was around when I was a kid 30 years ago and my mum said we all played with it back then. I believe it’s German. Not sure if I got as much of a kick out of it as he does, but I certainly am now – it is my ‘saviour toy’ (it seriously keeps him completely and utterly focused and entertained and all so independently).

In my opinion it has so more potential for quick and large constructions than Lego or the like. My little guy will make a car with trailers within minutes.


It has wheels that click onto the main pieces and axel type pieces that connect one to another as well as the main pieces that come in a range of shapes. There are little heads with faces to click onto the little vehicles you create or if you’re super talented then the seat you make for the vehicle! There are a whole heap of connectors and honestly it has endless capabilities!!


I’m going to get him more as the bucket I got was a starter kit so there are so many other packs you can get

The sound of the click clack is strangely soothing and instantly makes me proud as I know he’s working towards something and already on the way to creating something impressive. He plays so intensely and focuses all attention on what piece will go with what. The power it has to keep him sitting still and quiet and so absorbed and so very content is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Some of the marvellous pieces we’ve had so far include ‘a tractor for Poppy’, another ‘tractor’ that looked so much like a dune buggy it wasn’t funny, an ‘aeroplane’ that had wheels of course and a ‘digger’ – which was actually a really awesome bulldozer complete with the front end loader, brilliant!


Well I’ve written way more than I expected given I’m not endorsing this product (although if you do purchase through the links I’ve provided I will get a teeny tiny commission and it won’t affect your purchase in any way at all)  – purely trying to express how absolutely amazed I am at how much my little guy loves it! I’m not sure if it’s something boys would like more than girls or vice versa but I can say it is so worth every cent for me – so might be an idea for your 3 year old, you just never know.







My almost-3-year old and a dinosaur party

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I cannot believe almost 3 years has passed since I became a mum, but it’s here – my little mister is turning 3 so we had a little party for him (mainly because he’s been to about 8 parties within the last month and we couldn’t not have one for him!) so here’s a bit of a round up of the day…

First things first; The CAKE

I asked him what sort of cake he’d like which is something I’ve been quite looking forward to asking as last year although he had an absolutely amazing digger cake  digger cake – we picked that as he wouldn’t have had the comprehension to request it. This year he answered my question with ‘a digger cake’, ha! I told him we had that last year so what else would he like? ‘A loader cake then’, oh my goodness! I tried again a different day and he said a dinosaur cake and answered the same every time I asked from then on, so that was that!

Fortunately I have the cannot-have-a-childs-party-without women’s weekly bumper book of kids birthday cakes and found an awesome dinosaur cake to make. Seriously, if you don’t have the above book or the kids birthday cakes one then you really have to get shopping for one or the other – they are fantastic and the perfect inspiration you need to make a great cake each year.

So here is how our dinosaur cake turned out: dinosaur cake

I was very impressed with my husbands efforts in making this and our little man loved it! (Oh and yep, hubby made that digger cake too – he’s a talented man!)

Next – The Lolly Bags

In keeping with my passion for craftiness I made my own temporary tattoos to put in the lolly bags (they looked pretty cool if I do say so myself!) – temporary dinosaur tattoo I also had some dinosaur lollies and dinosaur biscuits plus a flavoured straw (I have never bought these before – but thought what a cool lolly bag filler they would make?) and a chuppa chup.  Pretty sure they were a hit..  lolly bags

And finally – PRESENTS!!!

Well I think I’ll need a whole new post to try and recap the awesomeness of the gifts he received which includes some amazing books, play-doh, mega blocks for the bath, a spiderman costume and so many other fantastic things which I will write about but for now the one huge hit of a gift was of course the brand new trampoline we got him.  Can anyone say jump? He woke up the day after his party and the first words out of his mouth were ‘Can I jump on my big trampoline?’ – and it wasn’t even light outside!!  Cannot recommend highly enough a tramp for a 3 year old (or even a 1, or 2, or 4, or 5 and the list goes on year old!!).  Here is his uncle giving the kids the best giggle on the trampoline – love this shot!

trampline funUntil his actual birthday when there may be even more presents (so more to talk about) – this is a wrap!


How my bad 4-year-old and I found our way home

Absolutely love this post – can relate 100%. Well worth the read.

An Honest Mom

There’s simplicity parenting, attachment parenting, parenting by temperament. Authoritative parenting, French parenting, parenting the spirited child.
And one I think we’re all familiar with: parenting by the seat of our pants.

8690355973_b873f0b742_k Image by Shena Tschofen

That, whether I like it or not, is where I parent from most of the time. And let me tell you, the seat of my pants is battered and worn. As I have mentioned before, parenting Jo since I got pregnant with Cal has been no cake walk. We’re talking hitting, kicking and throwing things at me when I was pregnant, having big physical outbursts with other kids and trying to contain his massive physical energy in a small house with a newborn.

I sought advice everywhere I could—books, friends, my mom. I dissolved into tears while asking Jo’s teacher what I should do after his first morning of preschool, all while bouncing Cal…

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Rainbow play

Rainbow rice

Rainbows are beautiful and kids are so attracted to them – I’m sure there are loads of activities that incorporate a rainbow theme (I still love our awesome magnetic pom pom rainbow that we made recently) and I will endeavour to do some more (so as always, stay tuned!) but here is what we’ve tried recently. The first is a simple rainbow rice. I had seen it around and didn’t actually think it would create much fun for the little ones… Until I had seen it in action at a friends place. There were loads of kids playing ranging from aged one to 8 or so and they had an absolute ball!! It’s actually an amazing sensory activity and my friend had even added some essential oil to it to add another sensory appeal – it was lavender and smelled beautiful!

So here is what you’ll need:
Rice (clearly..!)
Food colouring
Zip lock bags
Essential oil (if you wish)
A tub to play with the rice in.

I didn’t grab any photos of the making of this as it was done a little while ago… But it was super easy – separate the rice into several zip lock bags and add some food colouring to each bag then a tablespoon or so of vinegar (add the oils here too if you choose) and close the bags and shake all around. Then open the bags and leave them a few hours to dry completely. 20140708-202231-73351244.jpg Then empty the bags and let the little ones explore. image We used funnels and a sieve and our hands of course and enjoyed the colours and textures and smell. image

The next ‘activity’ (I use that word loosely here) was to make a rainbow cake. I didn’t actually make it with my little guys (but will definitely do so soon). I think it’s a great little colour sensory activity that the little ones will love.

So I just made a basic butter cake (I used this recipe) and divided the batter into four bowls, then added some food colouring to each. The kids will love this part! Then add the batter into your cake tin (or slow cooker if you’re like me as that’s how I cooked this one!) and you can have a bit of fun with the mixing and pouring of the colours. Then bake/cook it and wait to see how it turns out!

I just layered mine in one on top of the others and was very happy with how pretty and rainbowish it came out.

I have a few ideas for some other rainbow play so I have some glitter for our next bit of craziness fun!! Keep an eye out for that – until then, get crafty!

We made a lava lamp!

This is very cool! How much did everyone love lava lamps a few (decades?!) years ago?? So when I saw it here I had to try it out with the little guy!

So you’ll need:
An empty soft drink bottle
A bottle of Vegetable oil
An alka seltzer (or 10) tablet
Food colouring
A funnel (to make it easier, but not essential)


So, fill the bottle a third of the way with water, then fill the remainder with the oil

Then add a few drops of food colouring



Watch the food colouring swirl down into the water then add bits of the tablet a little at a time.


It bubbles little globules of colour just like a lava lamp and is really lovely! The photos don’t do it justice at all – but given how easy it is to do, give it a go!