We made a lava lamp!

This is very cool! How much did everyone love lava lamps a few (decades?!) years ago?? So when I saw it here I had to try it out with the little guy!

So you’ll need:
An empty soft drink bottle
A bottle of Vegetable oil
An alka seltzer (or 10) tablet
Food colouring
A funnel (to make it easier, but not essential)


So, fill the bottle a third of the way with water, then fill the remainder with the oil

Then add a few drops of food colouring



Watch the food colouring swirl down into the water then add bits of the tablet a little at a time.


It bubbles little globules of colour just like a lava lamp and is really lovely! The photos don’t do it justice at all – but given how easy it is to do, give it a go!


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