My almost-3-year old and a dinosaur party

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I cannot believe almost 3 years has passed since I became a mum, but it’s here – my little mister is turning 3 so we had a little party for him (mainly because he’s been to about 8 parties within the last month and we couldn’t not have one for him!) so here’s a bit of a round up of the day…

First things first; The CAKE

I asked him what sort of cake he’d like which is something I’ve been quite looking forward to asking as last year although he had an absolutely amazing digger cake  digger cake – we picked that as he wouldn’t have had the comprehension to request it. This year he answered my question with ‘a digger cake’, ha! I told him we had that last year so what else would he like? ‘A loader cake then’, oh my goodness! I tried again a different day and he said a dinosaur cake and answered the same every time I asked from then on, so that was that!

Fortunately I have the cannot-have-a-childs-party-without women’s weekly bumper book of kids birthday cakes and found an awesome dinosaur cake to make. Seriously, if you don’t have the above book or the kids birthday cakes one then you really have to get shopping for one or the other – they are fantastic and the perfect inspiration you need to make a great cake each year.

So here is how our dinosaur cake turned out: dinosaur cake

I was very impressed with my husbands efforts in making this and our little man loved it! (Oh and yep, hubby made that digger cake too – he’s a talented man!)

Next – The Lolly Bags

In keeping with my passion for craftiness I made my own temporary tattoos to put in the lolly bags (they looked pretty cool if I do say so myself!) – temporary dinosaur tattoo I also had some dinosaur lollies and dinosaur biscuits plus a flavoured straw (I have never bought these before – but thought what a cool lolly bag filler they would make?) and a chuppa chup.  Pretty sure they were a hit..  lolly bags

And finally – PRESENTS!!!

Well I think I’ll need a whole new post to try and recap the awesomeness of the gifts he received which includes some amazing books, play-doh, mega blocks for the bath, a spiderman costume and so many other fantastic things which I will write about but for now the one huge hit of a gift was of course the brand new trampoline we got him.  Can anyone say jump? He woke up the day after his party and the first words out of his mouth were ‘Can I jump on my big trampoline?’ – and it wasn’t even light outside!!  Cannot recommend highly enough a tramp for a 3 year old (or even a 1, or 2, or 4, or 5 and the list goes on year old!!).  Here is his uncle giving the kids the best giggle on the trampoline – love this shot!

trampline funUntil his actual birthday when there may be even more presents (so more to talk about) – this is a wrap!


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