Let’s talk Mobilo



But before we do, let’s talk Lego… I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a child that has a tub of Lego and that tub gets emptied all over the place in one quick swish but unless I pick up every single piece myself it never gets put away in one quick swish. The floor has an uncanny ability to hide the Lego pieces so that your feet can find them for you… Yep we’ve all been there with Lego – they can be fun for the kids to explore and use their imagination every so often (and perhaps there are way more than I know that actually spend hours on end playing and creating and getting the absolute most out of it), but in my experience it is more fun for my kids when they empty the tub and see the strewn mess before finding something else to do or play with…

This is true too (for my kids) with mega blocks and duplo. They definitely do have their place in a home but they just don’t enthral them.

So, when I saw my son playing (and I use that term loosely – I really mean getting stuck in and creating whole pieces and becoming absolutely mesmerised with the intricacy of the clicking pieces and items he was creating) with this thing called mobilo it piqued my attention a little. It was at a trial run of a 3 year old kindy he’s starting and I didn’t think much more of it as I was more interested in assessing the kindy. But the very next day at daycare I happened to pick him up right as they had pulled out their tub of mobilo and he was completely and totally absorbed. The educator asked if he’d played with it before and I said I think it was the stuff he played with yesterday for the first time. She said he was amazingly talented at it and assumed he’d had plenty of practice. He was absolutely loving it and for the first time in a year of attending daycare he didn’t want to come home. He wanted to finish playing. I knew this mobilo had to be a pretty special toy. So I arranged to get some for his 3rd birthday and got it here – the absolute best price and free delivery – absolute bargain. So if you’re after some, check it out.

So it’s not a new thing – it was around when I was a kid 30 years ago and my mum said we all played with it back then. I believe it’s German. Not sure if I got as much of a kick out of it as he does, but I certainly am now – it is my ‘saviour toy’ (it seriously keeps him completely and utterly focused and entertained and all so independently).

In my opinion it has so more potential for quick and large constructions than Lego or the like. My little guy will make a car with trailers within minutes.


It has wheels that click onto the main pieces and axel type pieces that connect one to another as well as the main pieces that come in a range of shapes. There are little heads with faces to click onto the little vehicles you create or if you’re super talented then the seat you make for the vehicle! There are a whole heap of connectors and honestly it has endless capabilities!!


I’m going to get him more as the bucket I got was a starter kit so there are so many other packs you can get

The sound of the click clack is strangely soothing and instantly makes me proud as I know he’s working towards something and already on the way to creating something impressive. He plays so intensely and focuses all attention on what piece will go with what. The power it has to keep him sitting still and quiet and so absorbed and so very content is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Some of the marvellous pieces we’ve had so far include ‘a tractor for Poppy’, another ‘tractor’ that looked so much like a dune buggy it wasn’t funny, an ‘aeroplane’ that had wheels of course and a ‘digger’ – which was actually a really awesome bulldozer complete with the front end loader, brilliant!


Well I’ve written way more than I expected given I’m not endorsing this product (although if you do purchase through the links I’ve provided I will get a teeny tiny commission and it won’t affect your purchase in any way at all)  – purely trying to express how absolutely amazed I am at how much my little guy loves it! I’m not sure if it’s something boys would like more than girls or vice versa but I can say it is so worth every cent for me – so might be an idea for your 3 year old, you just never know.







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