A glitter rainbow

What combination could be more heavenly than glitter and a rainbow? Truly spectacular – the image I had in my head of it anyway! This fun craft didn’t turn out ‘perfect’ (as I had imagined), but the boys had fun, I really enjoyed watching them play and create and it turned out the way they made it and that is perfect after all.

So my idea was to paint some glue onto paper in an arc wide enough to have 4 or 5 colours and then sprinkle on a a little glitter in different colours. Of course – the art of ‘sprinkling’ glitter for a 3 year old holds no precision whatsoever so of course the colours were not in any real arc form (unless I let my sidelined OCD on field, and cut in on their fun!!) but it is glittery and rainbowy and sparkly and beautiful! I loved doing this craft despite the mess afterwards (we were outside of course!!).

So it’s super simple, grab yourself the following:

  1. Some paper (I have a large roll of butchers paper that I tear off in an appropriate size for each craft – but construction paper would probably be ideal)
    Craft Glue (or school glue)
  2. A paintbrush (or if you’re really keen a ‘glue brush’ – there are brushes specifically for painting glue!)
  3. Glitter of course!

So just squirt your glue onto the paper in an arc shape with 4 or 5 layers. 20140804-230256-82976228.jpg

Then let the little ones paint the glue to spread it out 20140804-230257-82977315.jpgand finally take each coloured glitter one at a time and sprinkle on one arc, 20140804-230254-82974500.jpg20140804-230252-82972722.jpgthen move to the next colour and next arc. Then once you’re done pick the paper up and tilt it around so the glitter can move about and stick to any spare spots of glue.

The excess glitter can be stored for another time – I slightly folded the paper in half and poured all the glitter into an empty paint container I had so now I have rainbow glitter for the next activity which is super pretty!!


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