Walking water and human rocks

What’s happening in the world when water walks and rocks are human-like?! Experiments (otherwise known as ‘tricks’ by Mr 3) and creativity of course!!

We did these two beauties today as there was some time to spend in the middle of the walking water activity – so, two birds with one ‘rock’…? πŸ˜‰

So firstly the water is a walkin’! (I saw it here). Seriously – this is the coolest fun I’ve had with my little crafty apprentice to date! It’s so truly simple yet incredibly fascinating to see!

It’s not just water walking – it is also a colour changing discovery so a great little test for the little ones.

So you just need the following:


Yep, that simple – 3 glasses (the same size), paper towel, water and food colouring.

So fill two glasses with water and let your little one add some colour to each – they just love to add a few (thousand!) drops of colouring to anything – so let them go wild!

IMG_0165.JPG – we used yellow and blue to make a completely new colour (and no word of a lie when I asked Mr 3 ‘if we have a yellow one here, a blue one here – what colour will they make in the middle here?’ He answered ‘green’ – fluke or not, great work champ!!).

Then fold a piece of paper towel in halves lengthwise twice and put one end in one coloured water with the other into the empty glass in the middle, then the same for the other colour.


Then watch the magic start to happen – you can see the water walking along the paper right before your eyes immediately.


It does take quite a few minutes for any water to start filling the empty glass so it’s a brilliant lesson in patience for you and your little ones! But once it starts it’s quite riveting to see it starting forming a new colour in the middle glass.



The water equals out between all three colours – we left it for about an hour, checking intermittently – so it takes a while but really is fun to go back and keep checking.




So in the middle of that we decided to find some rocks to paint and decorate. Mr 3 suggested this out of the blue which was really awesome for me to hear and such a clever idea. So we put our hats and shoes on and went for a wander around the yard to collect some flat surfaced rocks. We got a bunch then laid them out on some paper to paint.

IMG_0174.JPG Then I put some paint on another sheet of paper and let my little guy get creative. I pulled out the googly eyes and glue as well as pipe cleaners and suggested we make a face. He painted the rock nicely


IMG_0176.JPG then we added some glitter (as it’s quite impossible for me to resist using glitter in almost every activity!!)

IMG_0177.JPG then I helped with the eyes and mouth and I’m pretty chuffed with how he turned out!!


So quite a fun few hours whilst Mr 1 slept in this household – happy Mumma and happy kidlets. Till next time…

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