Erupting snow

My good friend Tennile highlighted this little ‘trick’ from the pagingfunmums website and I had to try it, so here is our effort!
It’s an easy bi-carb / vinegar reaction but has loads of sensory components. Was really fun and engaging for both my boys.

You’ll need this:

So, just empty your bag of bi-carb into a large bowl:

Then add half a can of the shaving cream (ours was scented – so added a cool smelling sensory aspect).

Then some glitter (if you choose) and start mixing.

It should resemble this: (a snow like consistency)


Now you can play with it, form it into balls and enjoy the cool softness as a touch sensory aspect, but the ‘erupting’ happens next!

Add some vinegar:

Listen to it fizzle and watch it explode or erupt and of course touch it!!



Both boys LOVED this part – they absolutely adored touching it and feeling the bubbles through their fingers and playing with it – they both ended up washing their hair with it, but seriously had so much fun dipping their hands in and exploring. I let them go wild and it kept them entertained for ages!





3 thoughts on “Erupting snow

  1. Love it šŸ˜ƒ
    We still do a variation of this with my big boys, more along the bicarbonate vinegar rocket line but similar
    They can’t wait to do mentos/diet coke when we get to usa in December lol
    I hope we don’t get arrested for doing it in the park

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