Colour & number & shape sorting – busy bag style!

I saw this activity with free printables on this website and had to try it out with my little guys as I also thought it would be perfect for a busy bag too (if you’re not sure what that is, check out my previous post on it).

So each shape has 5 different colours on them with each colour having a different number (1-5). The aim is to get a peg of the same colour and number and clip it on to the matching colour and number. It is a great colour matching / sorting activity with the added element of working on numbers! And of course each shape is different so they will learn each shape as they’re working on it.

So, it’s super simple – just print the shapes out from here and you can laminate if you wish (I did) then cut them out.

I got a packet of wooden pegs to paint and got master 3 to help.


Once all the pegs have been painted and are dry just write the number on each peg with a marker pen and you’re good to go!

I put Mr 1 to bed and came out to see Mr 3 sitting so occupied pegging shapes and he’d even stood one shape up:




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