Rainbow rice ‘lollipops’

I haven’t disappeared – I just haven’t had much motivation to do too many arty, crafty, creative things with the boys lately as it’s getting so hot – so we’re staying inside or playing with water outside. But when I saw some coloured rice being played with at daycare I thought I’d whip up another batch and do something with it.

So making the rainbow rice is easy as see my previous post on making rainbow rice IMG_1759

I then cut out some shapes using cardboard from a box we had laying around and of course Mr 3 had to tell me what each shape was as I cut them out. I then cut out the same shapes with plain white paper and stuck them onto their corresponding shape so that we had a white canvas but some sturdy-ness to each shape.I let Mr 3 help with the cutting as he’s quite obsessed with using scissors – he doesn’t have any precision yet, but supervised practice is the only way he’ll learn.IMG_1757

We then glued some paddle pop sticks to each shape so they could be held to do the next step.IMG_1758

The next step was to squirt some glue onto each shape (which in itself is so much fun for the little ones and a great fine motor skill), then either dip it in the bucket of rice or sprinkle it on top.IMG_1760IMG_1761IMG_1762

I think they look super beautiful and quite like a large lollipop!! I *may* have helped with the gluing on the heart and can’t deny I love that the whole shape is a pretty rainbow but I also love that the other shapes were glued, sprinkled with rice and put in the sun to dry without any assistance at all. Love the independence and eagerness to just get into it and finish the activity too! Very impressed I was.IMG_1763

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