A FIFO life post…

So it was my birthday the other day and my dear husband was working away for it. That’s the fourth birthday out of the four in our family he’s been away for. The first he missed was the very first birthday of our second little boy. This was when he first started his new FIFO role, so there was no chance he could be here. I won’t deny it, it broke my heart that he missed it but our little guy was surrounded by so much love and laughter that he wasn’t missing out.

I honestly wasn’t sad or concerned though that he was going to miss my birthday – his roster timing forewarned us, so as they say that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. But I was actually a tad excited by the amount of parcels hubby had sent me (that he’d addressed to himself and then told me the night before they were birthday presents for me) so I had something to look forward to despite his presence lacking. He did well, he did really well (think: giant tub of Nutella among other things – his perfect replacement!) so I was in high spirits (or maybe just high – a sugar high?!). We had a swimming lesson at 10:30 for Mr 3, so a nice cruisy morning, then swimming then came home just in time for a delivery of flowers and chocolates. What a beautiful surprise on top of all the gifts…

The day was going swimmingly (ha, no pun intended!) then my beautiful and amazing friend said she’d pop over in the afternoon which (sorry dear husband – but she is my saviour while you’re away – and even when you’re not sometimes!) is almost as good as having dear husband here! She came with cake so the little ones helped me blow out the candles and I was truly delighted with how my birthday was spent.

So my birthday ends and it’s less than a week till dear husband comes home and it’s been a really quick 2 weeks so far. I’m feeling really, really good. Looking forward to next week but have plenty of activities booked in to keep us busy and happy.

Now, fast forward 18 hours for the biggest surprise yet… Mr 3 and I are in the dining room tidying up when I hear a “happy birthday” coming from a mans voice at the door. I turn around in utter disbelief to see dear husband, in person, at my door!! Mr 3 is as shocked as I am and becomes overwhelmed and almost hides behind me! I of course wrap my arms around the man for a big kiss and cuddle. I honestly can’t express how excited and blissfully happy I am. Now I really don’t want to go comparing it to having our beautiful boys or getting married – but I have to say I was surprised not just by his presence but by my elation at the surprise and seeing him.

It truly was a HUGE surprise – one I never, ever expected possible. He wasn’t able to make our little guys first birthday despite his best efforts so it was something that was completely out of the question.. Ever. So a belated birthday surprise seemed too good to be true – I had to ask whether he still had a job! And whether everything was ok at work! After I came back to earth I got concerned something had happened, but alas, no it was just good timing. The project he was working on was completed so leaving this stint a few days early wasn’t detrimental (like it would have been at the beginning for our one year olds birthday).

My exhilaration was pretty phenomenal so it really got me thinking about this whole FIFO life gig we’re living. I believe things happen for a reason and dear husband was always meant to get this FIFO role as although it has been the most difficult and challenging thing I’ve ever experienced in life (when he’s away of course!) it has also been the most rewarding thing. Our relationship has become so much stronger and filled with more love and happiness than I thought possible. I never thought we needed a stronger relationship or more love, but the *ahem* passion and happiness we both felt when together showed us both that things had perhaps become a little stale…


I am feeling blessed beyond words at what this FIFO life has given us. The pros far outweigh the cons despite how crazily manic I can become when things aren’t going smoothly and I really need an extra set of hands.

What are these pros I talk of?

Well of course, there is less laundry.
Less food shopping.
Less talk of guns.
Less talk of buying guns.
Less talk of shooting guns.
Less mess.
Less TV remote hogging.
Less talk of guns.

Then of course, there is more chocolate in the house.
More TV of my choice.
More of The Bachelor
More of my bed to sprawl out in
More chocolate (or rather Nutella!).

But in all seriousness, the anticipation of seeing my dear husband after 3 weeks is something I didn’t have previously – I was missing him, really missing him. Sometimes absence really does make the heart grow fonder…

Don’t get me wrong – there are times when I say ‘it’s just too much for me’, two young boys can be hard work when doing it alone day after day but the support dear husband offers even from a distance makes it a little easier and then the week we have together is bliss. Honestly – it is like being in holiday mode for that week ever single month. We can do what we like and we certainly try to make the most of each week when we have it. Our time really is ‘love’ly. I don’t think there is much more I can say without sounding like a broken record – so I will end by saying I’m so very grateful – grateful for my beautiful family and grateful for the life I currently have.